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All Awards, Bursaries & Scholarships will be listed below as they become available along with the criteria for who is eligible to apply.



NEW FOR 2020!!

Graduating Student Bursary - 2 x $250

  Deadline to apply is April 3rd, 2020

Bursary details can be found on Page 13, #51.

Click Below for Full Scholarship.



   Application Forms are Pages 25 - 28.

2019 Bursary Award Recipient List:

Esme Saxton

Aaliyah Dube-Zanette

Genevieve Dool

Brooklynn Higgins

Roxy Manson

Nyah Fox

Sarah Higginson

Michael Joseph

Lucia Sutherland

Madeline Joseph

Jarod Gagnon

Madi Duncan

Anneke Korver

Jorja Labassiere

Cedar Lindsay

Tamara Thomas

Tyrone Greene

Lily Timothy

“The Pat Cummings Performing Arts Award”

2019 Recipient:

Emma Fines


Graduation Hat Throw

ABOUT The Pat Cummings Performing Arts Award:


This award is given to a performer or performance group in the category of either dance, theatre, song, music and visual arts. Each student, in their discipline, will have the opportunity to submit an application (small group, large group or soloist) to be able to receive the award.

The applicant’s performance will be judged on Creativity, Passion, Presentation, and Performance. The candidate(s) will also give a short verbal bio in their video submission to illustrate why their art is special to them.


This is not an award for the best actor, musician, dancer, artist or singer; it is to find the person or persons who have joy and passion in their chosen art.

The winning recipient(s) will perform at our Variety show, receive their award on stage from Pat Cummings’ daughter Alison Cowan, and have their video submission shown on screen to the audience. FAVAS is proud and excited to add this component to our Variety Show, and will add to the winning recipient a monetary bursary award.  

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